Why Self-Publishing?

     In the world of books, publishing, and other author-ish type of things, many may wonder why a person would choose self-publishing over traditional publishing. There are also a great many people who wonder, "why wait around to get published when you can do it yourself?" I personally believe there are pros and cons to each option (with one not necessarily being better than the other) but personally, independent (or "indie") publishing has worked the best for me. It's not some sort of 'plan B,' but a conscious choice based on taking a square look at both routes.

     First of all, while most of my finished work at this point has been historical fiction, I do not consider myself solely a historical fiction author; I enjoy a variety of genres, including some that might not fit a traditional category. As an independent author, I appreciate the flexibility to write exactly what I want without feeling pressure to fit a certain mold. Also, as someone who generally prefers a more old-fashioned manner of writing, I don't think my style necessarily appeals to a lot of modern publishers. My Christian faith also plays a role: some of my books are unapologetically overt in their discussion of Biblical Christianity, while others might only be considered "clean" fiction. Finally, I greatly enjoy having control over every aspect of my books- I design my own covers and interiors (which is still at this point very much a learning process!) and have a lot of fun doing it.

     Over the years, I've come to recognize the importance of professional input, even in the self-publishing world. In 2015, I had the privilege of working with Rooglewood Press as a part of their Five Enchanted Roses collection, which taught me so much about the value of professional editors! Even as an indie author, I do not work solely alone, and I do get a lot of advice, feedback, editing help. I freely admit I'm still learning and my writing, like the rest of me, is a work in progress. However, at this stage in my life, the independent platform is my preferred avenue of publication.

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